About me


I am Tobias Campoverde, a young magician from Germany.
I grew up in Bavaria in a very "normal" Italian-German household. Since I am 14 years old, magic is my greatest passion. Of course, I also liked to play football.
Here I want to say "thank you" to all my football colleagues, who have never questioned my magical abilities. Unfortunately, I could not attend the world famous magic school of "Hogwarts" and had to teach myself a lot of magic tricks (even under my school desk).

For me magic is always inspiring and  surprising. It is a very special entertainment art, which enables the viewer to actively participate in the performance. Another passion of mine is acting. I have been involved in various theater productions during my school and studies, even in the role of flying/ floating "Peter Pan". Since 2012 I am a member of the Magic Circle of Germany and have passed the magic examination with special honor. Yes, such a magic examination is existing! The Magic Circle of Germany is an international association for magicians to maintain, promote and improve the magical art. Furthermore, I can tell that during our magical meetings not only food and drinks disappear.

As a magician, I am performing at various events. I like the contact with the people and the interaction with the audience.  I want to entertain  with my magic and surprise my audience. My magic makes the beauty of the moment visible. It is about the fascination of magic moments.

 Aditionally, I have finsihed my Bachelor in "Philosophy and Economics" in the last years. During my study I was dealing with social issues and was able to enrich other cities such as Seoul, Milan, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, Vilnius and Bayreuth with my Magic. I have even visted a College of Magic in South Korea and got new perspectives on magic.




 “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” (Goethe)

Another project: Magic of Diversity