Here is a brief overview of my shows. Of course, each program is specifically adapted to your event.

Stage Magic

"Those who don´t believe in magic will never find it." (Roald Dahl)


Even Magicians have to work hard before the audience claps. In my stage show, I show  art pieces that are suitable for a large audience: objects appear, disappear, float - everything connected with humor and charm. The viewer is actively involved and part of the show. My stage show is a joint experience decorated with magical moments.

Table Magic

"The card disapeared right before my eyes!" Table magic means: I go from table to table and present magic. The magic happens in the hands of the viewer and remains in memory. Table magic is very personal and is suitable for different events.

Kids Magic

"The children know neither past nor future, and - what can not happen to adults - they enjoy the present .'' (Jean de la Bruyere)
Magic for kids is a very special form of presentation. Children usually know that the magician can not do real magic. Here the magician needs a good empathy for a child-friendly performances and spirited responses. My show for children is visual and all children are directly involved. The children perfrom with me and are part of the Show. In recent years, I have shown my age matching children's program in elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools in whole Germany.


You can get some impressions from my shows in my gallery.

For questions and more information about my programs, you can contact me via email: or by phone: +49 (0) 15206051354.